President Uhuru's Promises Kept


Created a cumulative addition of 2.3 million new jobs.


Reduced the number of attacks and fatalities by terrorist groups, and degraded the ability of Al-Shabaab to carry out attacks on Kenyans.


Increased the number of police officers to a ratio of one for every 380 citizens, far better than the United Nations ratio of one for every 450.


Provided street lights to all County Headquarters and to 36 other towns across Kenya.


Implemented the first-ever government-driven livestock insurance and compensation program.


Developed a new railway, from Mombassa to Malaba, through Kisumu, and the first phase will be from Mombassa to Nairobi.


Implemented an aggressive road construction program with close to 10,000 kilometres of roads either completed or at different phases of construction, including a new road from Moyale to Nairobi which used to take three days, and now takes only seven hours.


Upgraded the healthcare system, including equipping 92 hospitals across the counties with modern diagnostic equipment, doubling the number of expectant mothers delivering under the care of skilled medical attendants to over 1.2 million, and increasing the number of Kenyans with access to outpatient medical care through the National Hospital Insurance Fund from 3.8 million in 2013 to 5.8 million in 2017.


Assisted our youth in employment and being drivers of innovation by providing Kshs 11 Billion in grants.


Provided social protection to the most vulnerable Kenyans with our National Safety Net program “Inua Jamii” which covers 720,000 persons up from 220,000 in 2013. The budget for this program has also been increased by 600 percent to 18 billion shillings. 


 Built 45 Huduma Centres in 41 Counties, providing 66 government services to over 40,000 Kenyans every day.


Connected an additional 14,045 schools to electricity representing over 98% of all public primary schools in the country.